auto repair management system

arnie is a best of breed web-based service procurement and auto claims handling system used by major Australian insurance companies to reduce the cost of claims and the life cycle of repairs, enhance internal operational efficiencies and improve the policy holder's claim experience.


Automotive insurance claims can be extremely stressful for people who have just experienced an accident or other damage to their vehicle. Traditionally, getting the vehicle repaired has been complicated and time-consuming. This frustration is exacerbated for customers who live in country areas, where assessors may not visit regularly.

In the past, country customers had to present their damaged vehicle on a number of occasions, firstly to obtain quotes for its repair, again when the assessor was in town to approve the quote, and a third time for the actual repair to take place. Depending on how often the assessor visited the area, this process could take weeks.

In recent years, Yarris approached a leading insurance company to assist them to better manage their spend on automotive and truck insurance claim related repairs. The value proposition was to improve the processes supporting this activity and to reduce costs. The insurer identified that they could achieve both objectives by automating the end-to-end process between all parties including insurers, repairers and 3rd party services such as car valuation guides, suitable parts pricing and external/internal quote packages. Key savings were made by reducing double entry of data (labour costs) and incorporating automated checking of parts prices.

How ARNIE works

ARNIE comprehensively manages the end-to-end, complex inter-business interactions between insurer, repairer, car valuation guides, a variety of different quotation packages, parts price validation and salvage disposal agents. The following is a high level workflow description.

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    When the accident occurs, the customer calls the Insurer’s call centre. The operator then generates a claim file and directs the customer to the nearest approved repair shop or assign a mobile assessor.

    If the customer is in a metropolitan area, they can be directed to a drive-in Customer Service Centre.

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    Repairers receive an invitation to quote as part of either a competitive quote or a single quote process, including digital images.

    At the repair shop, the repairer may take further digital images of the damage and prepares a quote using any of the compatible vehicle quotation packages or using the internal ARNIE quote screen access. This quote, along with the digital photographs is then sent through ARNIE.

    ARNIE automatically recognises the new quote and generates a work list item for the designated assessor to review and approve the quote.

    In the event the quote is a supplement or has been updated, ARNIE automatically highlights to the assessor any difference between this and the previous authorised quote.

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    Assess Vehicle - Repairable

    Depending on the insurers process, the independent, on-road or in-house assessor is presented with complete assessment details and history.

    This may include two or more competitive quotes, vehicle damage images, complete vehicle details, electronic valuation and parts pricing to allow an objective assessment of the vehicle.

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    Authorise Quote

    If the vehicle is deemed repairable and the estimate of repair costs are in line with the Insurer's business rules relating to repair, then the Assessor has the ability to either authorise all or part of the repairer's quote.

    ARNIE automatically produces and sends an "Authority to Proceed" to the repairer. For competitive quotes, ARNIE also notifies the unsuccessful repairers that their quotations were not accepted.

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    Submit Invoice

    On completion of the work, the Repairer can send an electronic tax invoice for the completed authorised works to the insurer.

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    Approve Invoice

    All repairer invoices are automatically validated against the authorised quotes, and invoiced parts prices are checked against manufacturer's pricelists.
    Discrepancies are highlighted in exception reports to Cost Control or Accounts Payable for easy identification, adjustment, and approval.

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    Assess Vehicle - Total Loss

    Depending on the Insurers process, the independent, on-road or in-house Assessor is presented with complete assessment details and history. This includes two or more competitive quotes, vehicle damage images, complete vehicle details, electronic valuation and parts pricing to objectively make an assessment of the vehicle.

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    Total Loss

    If the vehicle is deemed non-repairable or the estimated repair cost is outside the Insurer's business rules relating to repair or write-off, then the Assessor has the ability to write-off the vehicle.

    ARNIE can automatically perform an encumbrance check against a country's financial registers and attach an official "SECURITY INTEREST EXTRACT" containing the interest details.

    During the process any required WOVR (Written off Vehicle Registry) details are captured for notification against the appropriate traffic authority.

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    Vehicle Disposals

    On completion of the total loss form, the Assessor can electronically register the vehicle with the Insurer's preferred Salvage Disposal Agent and request transport to the auction yard. On sale of the vehicle, ARNIE is electronically updated with the actual salvage value from the agent.